Formatting option mockups and examples

Applies to
ApexSQL Refactor

This article describes the ways in which you can format SQL code using ApexSQL Refactor features and options. ApexSQL Refactor is a free add-in with over 200 formatting options and nearly 15 code refactors.

How to create custom SQL Server performance reports – Part 1 (Performance and status metrics)

SQL Server performance reports are important for analyzing current and historical SQL Server performance.

ApexSQL Monitor gathers and stores all collected performance data into a single central repository database that is used for creating the reports that are part of the application. But this repository be queried against for custom SQL Server performance reporting. The repository data is not human readable in most cases, so to convert the raw data to helpful information that can be viewed and utilized by end users, a set of SQL Server “helper” functions was created and will be presented in the article. These easy to use functions will translate the underlying data into useful query results and even reports. Once the functions are created in the repository database, those can be used as part of this custom SQL Server performance solution.