How to attach a full database backup using ApexSQL Restore

To attach a full database backup using ApexSQL Restore:

  1. Start ApexSQL Restore
  2. If there aren’t any attached backups present click the Add virtual database button
  3. In the Restore a backup dialog that will appear provide:
    1. The name of the SQL Server instance the backup will be attached to
    2. The preferred authentication method; to use SQL Server authentication a set of valid SQL Server credentials needs to be provided

      Quick tip icon

      Quick tip:

      Regardless of the authentication method, the account used to authenticate to the SQL instance needs to have the CREATE DATABASE permission over that instance

    3. The name of the database the backup will be virtually restored to
  4. Click Next
  5. To specify the backup to be attached click Add files, navigate to the backup file and click Open
  6. Review the backup properties and select the appropriate checkbox
  7. To attach a different file click red X and repeat the process described in step 5
  8. To specify a non-default restore path click Advanced >> and specify the patch
  9. Click Finish to attach the backup