ApexSQL Restore – Introduction

ApexSQL Restore is a SQL Server tool that attaches both native and natively compressed SQL database backups and transaction log backups as live databases, accessible via SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio or any third-party tool. It allows attaching a single or multiple full, differential and transaction log backups as well as mounting backup sets to a specific point in time, making it ideal for quickly reverting inadvertent or malicious changes.

With ApexSQL Restore you can:

  • Restore backups for a fraction of the time and the disk space needed for a full restore
  • Work with native or compressed database and transaction log backups just like with live databases
  • Access mounted databases using any database management tool including SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio
  • Attach to a specific point in time to revert inadvertent or malicious changes
  • Access, change or delete data and objects stored in backups
  • Leverage backups as reporting data sources to avoid the performance impact on production databases
  • Speed up your testing environment by re-attaching previously attached backup sets in a single click
  • Restore directly to production-ready databases

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