A script for creating a great test database to evaluate the full functionality of ApexSQL Log

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ApexSQL Log

Want to kick the tires of ApexSQL Log? This article describes the ApexSQLLogDEMO script created specifically for the purpose of a full and comprehensive evaluation that will showcase the full range of ApexSQL Log’s features


When evaluating ApexSQL Log, it is recommended to use a database that will allow ApexSQL Log to be used in full, and enable the evaluator to check all main features including but not limited to: undo script creation, redo script creation, auditing results to a grid, exporting results to various formats.

For the purpose of evaluation, we’ve created a script which creates a database that will help evaluators to get by, while ensuring it is a good base to cover many real-world scenarios.

This script will make sure that all critical requirements are fulfilled:

  • The database is set to full recovery mode – this ensures that the database’s transaction log contains all the information needed by ApexSQL Log to read it in full
  • A full backup is created and transaction log is initialized
  • When the ApexSQLLogDEMO script is executed, the database will be created and include the following:
    • Basic structures like linked tables with foreign keys, indexes, and constraints (tables: dbo.authors, dbo.discounts, dbo.employee, dbo.jobs, dbo.pub_info, dbo.publishers, dbo.titleauthors, dbo.titles, dbo.roysched, dbo.sales, dbo.stores, dbo.table_0 , dbo.table_1… …dbo.table_9)
    • All SQL data types including SQL variant, geography and geometry fields (table dbo.TestAllDatatypes includes all SQL types, while many different tables include several SQL data types)
    • Sparse columns (table: dbo.TestAllTypes_Sparse)
    • Row and page compression (tables: dbo.TestAllTypes_PageCompression, dbo.TestAllTypes_RowCompression)
    • Filestream (table dbo.TestFileStream)
    • Unicode compression (table dbo. TestUnicodeCompression)
    • Clustered keys (table dbo. TestPageCompressionWithMixedClusteredKey)
    • Collation (table dbo.All_Colations)
    • Dropped and recreated tables (Table dbo.Table_9_2)
  • The script contains:
    • SELECT INTO statements (table: TestAllTypesFromSelectInto)
    • Various INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE rows which enable showcase of undo/redo scripts to simulate accidental deletes and unwanted updates (all tables)
    • DROP statements (dbo.Table_9_2)
    • Several transaction log backups are created to simulate a full transaction log backup chain

This database will enable evaluator easily simulate real world situations and showcase various ApexSQL Log features on all SQL data types including:

  • Generation of undo/redo scripts for both DML and DDL operations
  • Allow view of operation details on a transaction level
  • Exporting of audit results to various formats
  • Filtering audit results to fine tune the audit boundaries
  • Automation of exporting process via the batch file creation
  • Dropped tables recovery


Please download the script(s) associated with this article on our GitHub repository.

Please contact us for any problems or questions with the scripts.