How to add AlwaysOn Availability Groups for monitoring

Applies to
ApexSQL Monitor

This article explains explain how to add AlwaysOn Availability Groups in ApexSQL Monitor for performance monitoring


Adding AlwaysOn Availability Groups in ApexSQL Monitor is done via the AlwaysOn listener, and this application will provides a complete overview of the AlwaysOn Availability Group topography including the Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC), but also all availability replicas of the other AlwaysOn Availability Groups that are sharing the same SQL Server instance replicas.

A graphical presentation of the AlwaysOn environment as well as all the relevant data available via the structured tables are presented in the dedicated AlwaysOn dashboard


How to add AlwaysOn Availability group for monitoring?

Adding AlwaysOn Availability Group should be performed via adding the AlwaysOn listener IP address or name in the Add server dialog

  1. Press Add button from the Servers group

  2. The Add server dialog will be opened/

    Server: In the Server field insert the listener IP address or the listener name for the AlwaysOn that should be performance monitored

    Group: Enter the name of the AlwaysOn group according to your preference. The AlwaysOn group will be displayed with that name in the SQL Server instances pane, and group will contain the replicas that are part of that group. In case that field is left empty, the name AlwaysOn(x) will be assigned automatically to the group

  3. On pressing OK, the Add availability group nodes dialog will be displayed

    The dialog will list all the replicas that are belong to that AlwaysOn listener. The IP field must be populated by the user with IP addresses of the SQL Server instances where the replicas are hosted. The Username and Password fields will be populated automatically using the credentials provided in the Add server dialog, but in case that there is a need for different credentials, user is free to change those according to its needs

  4. By default, only databases that belong to that particular AlwaysOn AG will be selected and added for monitoring. In case that user want to monitor all the databases hosted by the replica’s SQL Server instances, the Add all available databases for monitoring checkbox should be checked

  5. After pressing OK, the AlwaysOn group will be added for monitoring