ApexSQL Monitor licensing

ApexSQL Monitor is licensed per SQL Server instance.

In other words, if you have a machine with 3 SQL Server instances to monitor or you have 3 separate SQL Servers all with one instance, you’ll need 3 ApexSQL Monitor licenses.

Q: How does licensing work in clusters?

A: For licensing in clusters, each SQL Server instance on an active node requires a license. Instances on the passive node don’t

Q: How does licensing work for AlwaysOn Availability Groups?

A: For licensing in AlwaysOn Availability Groups, each AlwaysOn replica requires a license regardless if it is set as primary or secondary.

Q: How long is the trial period?

A: The trial version lasts 14 days and the application is fully functional during that time. To check how many days of trial you have left, click About in the Resourcespage.

Extended Evaluation dialog in ApexSQL Monitor

Q: What happens after the trial period expires?

A: When the trial expires, a notification will appear in the web GUI (see below).

Note that when this happens, active monitoring stops and performance metrics are no longer collected

ApexSQL Monitor licensing - The