How to email the output of a scheduled CLI job?

This article explains how to email the output of a scheduled CLI job – SQL file, report, etc using SQL Server job

To email created files, do the following:

  1. Configure mail profile and account on the database server in SQL Server Management Studio. See MSDN Database Mail Configuration Wizard article for more information
  2. Create an ApexSQL CLI statement that outputs the results to a SQL file. Create a job based on this statement. See How to Schedule a CLI job using SQL Server for more information
  3. In the same job, create another step with ‘Transact-SQL (T-SQL)’ type and paste the following to ‘Command’ field:

    @profile_name = 'DBProfile',
    @recipients = '',
    @subject = 'Mail from DB',
    @file_attachments = '\result.sql'

    @profile_name – is the database e-mail profile that will be used
    @recipients – is a semicolon-delimited list of e-mail addresses to send the message to
    @subject – is the subject of the e-mail message. If no subject is specified, the default subject ‘SQL Server Message’ is used
    @file_attachments – is the full path and name to the files to be sent

  4. Schedule the job

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Last updated
November 30, 2011