How to customize database dependency diagrams

Applies to
ApexSQL Analyze

The Dependency explorer feature of ApexSQL Analyze, besides having the ability to convey your database dependencies graphically, also allows you to customize and design the overall appearance of the dependency diagram, in order to improve its visual look and readability.

The Dependency explorer feature provides the following customization capabilities:

  • Layout editing: moving nodes, resizing nodes and clusters, selecting the layout mode
  • Selecting layout style between shapes and colors and icons
  • Zooming, scrolling, fit to window and full screen mode
  • Creation of custom graphs: manual definition of objects’ position

Click the object to select it. Pressing the CTRL button alongside will add the object to the current selection (if previously unselected), or unselect it (if previously selected).

The Dependency explorer feature allows you to customize the look of your graph by manually dragging, positioning, and resizing every individual object or a group of selected objects, and place them wherever you want. For example, you may want to rearrange the objects to achieve the preferred order that makes sense to you, or simply to squeeze the graph as to reduce empty space.

Layout options

The dependency diagram object layout and style can be modified and adjusted using a few different options.

  1. The Style options are located in the Layout tab of the Options window:

    The Shapes and colors option shows the objects in the dependency diagram using various shapes and colors for representing different object types:

    The Icons option shows the objects in the dependency diagram using icons for representing different object types:

  2. The Layout options are located in the main ribbon bar:

    Each Layout option modifies the dependency diagram to the selected layout mode.

    Organic layout

    Circular layout

    Orthogonal layout

    The default settings for each instance can be restored by pressing the Defaults button in the Options window.

    The database Dependency explorer feature provides for diagram layout and design customization, and is suitable for a wide range of modelling options. It will prove useful when designing different graphical views and layouts.