Minimal permissions for Amazon RDS in database source control

Granting necessary permissions in the Database Properties window for the newly created user for the shared model

Applies to

ApexSQL Source Control


In this article, all needed database user permissions for linking Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) to a source control repository and working with it in the database source control using ApexSQL Source Control will be explained.

When working with Amazon RDS be sure to use the endpoint name of the server that contains in its name for the connection in SQL Server Management Studio.

Run SQL scripts to fix SQL Server health check issues

Details when executing FixSQL script

Applies to

ApexSQL Manage


SQL Server instance health issues can be difficult to pinpoint and fix. The process can be long and tiresome, from analyzing the state of the SQL Server instance, summarizing the issues, and most importantly, to writing SQL scripts in order to resolve the issues.

This article describes the most important part, how to run the predefined FixSQL scripts and fix SQL Server health check issues in ApexSQL Manage.