How to activate ApexSQL software manually

Applies to
All ApexSQL commercial applications

This article explains how to activate ApexSQL products manually

To activate an ApexSQL product online, a Hardware ID and a product activation key are needed.

To manually activate an ApexSQL product online:

  1. Navigate to ‘Product activation’ web page
  2. Select the ApexSQL product to be activated from the ‘Product’ pick list and the appropriate product version from the ‘Version’ pick list
  3. Fill in the ‘Activation key’ and ‘Hardware ID’ information (learn how to get HW ID)
  4. Click ‘Activate’ to generate the activation code
  5. Select the entire code and copy it
  6. Access the ‘Activation Form’ by clicking on the ‘Activate’ option which will show upon starting the application; or by clicking on the ‘Activate’ button in the ‘Resource’ tab in the main ribbon
  7. Enter the activation key in the ‘Activation key’ field
  8. Select ‘Manual’ activation and paste the copied activation code into the box at the bottom of the dialog as shown
  9. Click ‘Activate’

A confirmation message notifying that the product has been activated successfully will be displayed