How do I get my hardware ID?

This article describes the different ways you can get your hardware ID

Obtaining hardware ID for an ApexSQL client tool
ApexSQL Developer tools (i.e. ApexSQL Diff) are installed and activated per client. The relevant hardware ID is a unique ID code for the client computer the software is installed on

  1. You can get your hardware ID from the Activation Form which is initiated by clicking on the ‘Activate’ button in the ‘Resources’ tab in the application menu. The form also automatically pops up opens when you start your ApexSQL software if you’re using the trial version:

    ApexSQL Diff activation

  2. If for any reason you can’t access any of the above forms because you can’t start your ApexSQL product, install another ApexSQL product using the ApexSQL installer. Next, use #1 to get the hardware ID

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