Setup the minimum rights for ApexSQL Diff user

Applies to
ApexSQL Diff

This article explains how to setup the SQL Server login with minimum rights for ApexSQL Diff so that it can run comparison processes and create synchronization scripts but can’t execute generated scripts

This is the list of requirements for successful comparison and for the synchronization script generation:

  • Public SQL Server role
  • Connect SQL permission
  • View any database permission
  • View any definition permission

About ApexSQL Diff
ApexSQL Diff is a comparison tool that compares and synchronizes SQL Server database tables, views and all other SQL Server objects. Compare SQLServer 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2012 database schemas, database backups, and integrate with all major source control systems. Use ApexSQL Diff to deploy a specific SQL database version or label directly to or from source control

Last updated
November 24, 2011