How to order via purchase order

Applies to
All ApexSQL applications

This article explains what information a purchase order should contain and provides details on payment terms, payment options, etc.


Purchase orders should be made out to ApexSQL LLC, and faxed to +1 (919) 869 1617 or emailed to Upon the receipt of a purchase order, an email confirmation that the purchase order has been received and processed will be sent.

Each purchase order should contain:

  1. Company letterhead
  2. Signature
  3. Product ID, product name and price for each order line item (if more than one)
  4. Purchase order number based on your own purchase order numbering system
  5. Email address (for delivery of activation keys)
  6. Your billing address
  7. Your shipping address

Payment terms

Purchase order payment terms are Net 30. An invoice will be emailed upon the receipt of a purchase order

Payment options

Purchase orders can be paid by credit card, check, wire transfer or money order


Software activation keys will be emailed as soon as the purchase order is processed, which is normally within 1 hour during regular working hours (M-F 8-5 US ET)

Discount coupons

If applicable, please include discount coupons to the purchase order

Sales and VAT taxes

No taxes are charged for any order processed directly through ApexSQL LLC, regardless of state/country, including purchase orders and direct phone orders. Online orders (payments) are processed via share-it! – Digital River and are subject to taxes in some cases

Type of tax

Online orders

Purchase orders

Phone orders

VAT taxes for residents of the EU




US State Sales taxes for applicable states