How to allow or deny certain user access to the ApexSQL Audit GUI

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ApexSQL Audit

This article describes how to set permissions to run theApexSQL Audit GUI.

By default after the installation, Administrators and Users groups are granted permissions to execute the ApexSql.Audit.Gui.exe file – i.e. to run the ApexSQL Audit GUI. All examples below are based on a machine that belongs to Workgroup – the same logic applies to a domain.

ApexSQL Audit GUI properties

How to deny access to a specific user

All users need to have access to the ApexSQL Audit GUI, except one – JohnSmith. A rule must be added to the Windows file properties that denies file access to JohnSmith.

Navigate to the folder where ApexSQL Audit is installed. By default c:\ProgramData\ApexSQL\ApexSQLAudit\Bin\ i.e. 2015.2.1234.0\

  1. Right click the ApexSql.Audit.Gui.exe and choose Properties
  2. Open the Security tab
  3. Click Edit
  4. Click Add…
  5. Enter a username or group name

    The Select Users or Groups dialog

  6. Click OK
  7. The new entry will be added
  8. Check all Deny options in the Permissions section

    Permissions for ApexSQL Audit GUI

  9. Click OK

When this user tries to run the ApexSQL Audit GUI, the following error message is thrown

Error message

How to deny access to a group of users

To deny access to a whole group of users follow the steps described above. A rule must be added in the Windows properties that denies access to all users from the Guests group.