How to calculate baseline for less than seven days of historical data

Applies to
ApexSQL Monitor

This article describes how to enable the option for advanced users to calculate baselines for less than seven days period.


The proper baseline calculation requires at least seven (7) days of data to be sufficiently accurate and reliable.

To allow baseline calculation for periods smaller than seven days:

  1. Navigate to the <drive_letter>:\ProgramData\ApexSQL\ApexSQLMonitor folder

  2. Open the ServiceOptions.xml file with any text editor (i.e. Notepad)

  3. Locate the <CanAlwaysCalculateBaselines>false</CanAlwaysCalculateBaselines> line and change the “false” (highlighted part) to “true”

  4. The changed line should look like this: <CanAlwaysCalculateBaselines>true</CanAlwaysCalculateBaselines>

  5. Save the ServiceOptions.xml file

  6. Restart the ApexSQL Monitor service

  7. Restart the web client

Now the baseline can be calculated for any given period that contains historical data.