ApexSQL Search – Introduction

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ApexSQL Search

This article is an introduction article about ApexSQL Search options and features.


ApexSQL Search is a free SQL search add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio. It offers text search in SQL database objects and data, allows safe renaming of SQL objects, and graphical visualization of object interdependencies

With ApexSQL Search you can:

  • Search for text within database objects (including object names) using the Object search
  • Search for data stored in tables and views (even encrypted ones) using the Text search
  • Repeat previous searches in a single click using the Search history
  • Visualize (and print) all objects’ relationships using the Dependency viewer
  • Change the name and schema of tables, views, stored procedures, functions, columns, and parameters without breaking your databases with the Safe rename refactor
  • Visually edit SQL objects’ extended properties via the Extended property editor feature

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