Installing ApexSQL Monitor

Permissions and requirements

ApexSQL Monitor requires Windows administrator permissions and SQL Server CREATE ANY DATABASE permission for installation. If only the ApexSQL Monitor console is installed, no SQL Server permissions are needed

Select components

ApexSQL Monitor setup - Selecting components

Use the Full install option on machine which will be used for hosting the main ApexSQL Monitor application

Use the Console install option on the machine that will be used for accessing the ApexSQL Monitor application


In the Configuration step, provide credentials sufficient to create a database on the selected local SQL Server instance.

ApexSQL Monitor setup - Providing required configuration details

Afterwards, ApexSQL Monitor will be able to successfully collect and store the metrics

Installation FAQs

  • Q: Which permissions are required for the windows account provided in the configuration step?

    A: The account must have CREATE ANY DATABASE permissions

  • Q: Are there any other permissions required for installing ApexSQL Monitor?

    A: The account provided in the configuration step must have the Log on as a service right in order to run the ApexSQL Monitor service and collect data.

  • Q: How can I add the Log on as a service right permission to my account?

    A: If the account doesn’t have this right, use to following steps to add it:

    1. Click Start | Run, or Ctrl+R in Windows 8
    2. Type secpol.msc
      The Local Security Policy window is opened
    3. Expand the Local Policies
    4. Double-click User Rights Assignment
    5. In the right pane, find Log on as a service and double-click it
      The properties dialog will be opened
    6. Click Add User or Group and add Windows account
    7. Click OK