ApexSQL VM Monitor – Permissions and requirements

This article details the minimum permission set required for using ApexSQL VM Monitor including any additional or feature specific requirements.

  • What is a minimum set of permissions for ApexSQL VM Monitor installation?

    A Windows user account with an administrator role is required for running the installer. The ApexSQL VM Monitor service Windows user needed during the installation must have a fixed SQL Server sysadmin role.

  • Which permissions are required for using ApexSQL VM Monitor?

    The user account used for ApexSQL VM Monitor service logon must be a member of local or domain administrator group. A TCP port is required for communication with ApexSQL VM Monitor web server. The default port used by the application for HTTP communication protocol 5010. The port 4445 is default HTTPS communication protocol port. Both ports are configurable during ApexSQL VM Monitor setup.

  • Which are minimum user permissions for monitored hypervisors?

    • Microsoft Hyper-V permissions:

      • A Windows user account should have administrative privileges


      • A Windows user account must be a member of Hyper-V administrators group

      • “Enable Account“ permission must be granted to Windows user account for following WMI namespaces and their sub-namespaces:

        • Root\CIMV2
        • Root\virtualization
        • Root\virtualization\v2
      • For remote connections, “Remote Enable” must be granted to Windows user account for WMI namespaces listed above

        “User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode” local policy must be disabled for remote connections

    • VMware ESXi permissions:

      • An ESXi Read-only user role is required
  • Which permissions are required for monitoring remote hosts?

    • Microsoft Hyper-V:

      • Remote Registry service needs to be running on the monitored host
      • Port 135 must be opened for monitoring and collecting Windows performance counters
    • VMware ESXi

      • Port 443 must be opened to allow monitoring and collecting ESXi performance counters
  • Are there any recommended or specific hardware requirements for using ApexSQL VM Monitor?

    ApexSQL VM Monitor followed minimum and recommended hardware requirements required for Microsoft SQL Server.

    Specific hardware requirement for ApexSQL VM Monitor is disk space requirement. This requirement can vary, depending on some monitored hosts and their virtual machines:

    • One hypervisor needs 5 – 7 GB per month
    • One virtual machine needs 3 – 5 GB per month