What kind of additional information can I send about a technical problem to help resolve it?

If a bug is found or unexpected issue is encountered, additional information to duplicate the bug or replicate the issue may be helpful to resolve the problem


Helpful information:

  • What is the Product name (i.e. ApexSQL Diff) and version (i.e. application version can be checked in the ‘About’ form in the ‘Resources’ tab)?
  • What is your operating system (i.e. Windows 10 x64)?
  • What are your processor and RAM specifications? To get this information on Windows 7:
    1. Click the Start button
    2. Click Control Panel
    3. Click System and Security
    4. Click System
      The steps are similar in other Windows versions
      In case your computer uses multiple processors, the processor type and speed as well as the number of processors installed are shown under System
  • Do you work in a domain or in a workgroup?
  • What is the SQL Server version? Use: SELECT @@version

Issue specific:

  • Duplication steps if the error can be consistently duplicated
  • Any script/code/database structure that provides context for the issue
  • If possible, a database snapshot or DDL scripts of particular objects required for reproducing the issue

Please send any relevant information to support@apexsql.com

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