How to use the ApexSQL Search extended property editor

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ApexSQL Search

This article explains how to add descriptions to database objects by utilizing the ApexSQL Search extended property editor


In order to display descriptions for the database objects, ApexSQL Search uses the extended properties that are stored in the SQL Server database. It also enables quick and easy editing of those descriptions via the extended properties editor.

To change a database object’s description via the extended property editor, the following steps need to be executed:

  1. Select a database from the Object Explorer (SQL Server Management Studio) or in the Server Explorer (Visual Studio)
  2. In the main menu, under the ApexSQL>ApexSQL Search menu select the Edit extended properties option to initiate the edit extended properties editor.


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Quick tip:

To quickly start the Edit extended properties dialog, right click on a database for editing directly in the Object/Server Explorer pane and navigate to ApexSQL Search -> Edit extended properties

  1. Navigate to an object that needs to be edited, and click on the Edit extended properties button to bring the edit extended properties dialog

  2. Type-in the description, and click the OK button to finish editing of the object
  3. To commit the changes, click on the Apply button

To continue editing objects on other databases, click on the Connect button and change connection parameters to other database, which will result in a automatic reload of listed database objects.

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Quick tip:

Use the filter row at the top of each column, to filter out unneeded objects