SQL disaster recovery article index

Applies to:
ApexSQL Log, ApexSQL Recover

This article provides key information and links to all important recovery-related articles. They are categorized by

  • [Both] – includes articles for both ApexSQL Log and ApexSQL Recover

  • [ApexSQL Log] – only ApexSQL Log articles

  • [ApexSQL Recover] – only ApexSQL Recover articles

Before the recovery:

  • Both

  • ApexSQL Recover

    • Recovery possibilities when a database is in simple recovery mode – In order to ensure all lost data/structure is recovered, database must be in a full recovery model to ensure all information required by the recovery process is available. If a database is in the simple recovery process, recovery will most likely be limited – this article offers information on what can be done in case that database was not in the full recovery model when the disaster occurred.

How to decide on the best recovery solution:

Recover from SQL operations (drop, delete, update, truncate):

Guides for specific recovery cases