Recover table data from a database backup – ApexSQL Recover

This article explains how to use the Recover table data from a database backup option in ApexSQL Recover that allows you to recover multiple tables stored in a SQL database backup, without restoring the backup itself

If the data was lost due to a DROP operation we recommend use of From DROP TABLE operation option, but under the condition that the drop has happened recently. If that’s not the case, the From database backup option will allow to get the lost data back, without disrupting database operations or losing any new valid data created after the drop has occurred

  1. Select the From database backup option
  2. Add database .bak backup files and click Next

  3. Select tables to recover. To narrow down the list and find the required tables quickly, use the filter row at the top of the list:

  4. Specify a recovery action, to save a recovery SQL script or to recover the selected tables and their data into a new SQL Server database

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